Why designing great experiences is no longer enough — Design Responsibility Evolution

Antonio Grillo Tokyo
Antonio Grillo Tokyo

This article is a collection of thoughts related to the evolution of Design Responsibility. The article is meant to target both Designers and Companies, to reflect on the big shift of Design responsibility that we have been experiencing in these years. This content was part of a lecture I had in Tokyo, Jan 2020.

In this lecture I was exploring the way we should shift from human to humanity-centric design as it no longer optional to consider the impact on your solution on society. As consequence we should reshape the meaning of experience, that at the moment is considered relationship between the final users and the solution, during several moments of their journey. Nevertheless we should add new lenses to ensure that a great experience today could have a great impact on people’s life also tomorrow.

You can discover all the detail in my new article on Medium, titled “Why designing great experiences is no longer enough — Design Responsibility Evolution”

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