Designing for Inclusion at the Master Service Design – Poli.Design

Inclusive Design lecture - Antonio Grillo

I’m glad to be part of the Master Service Design, an international training programme – taught entirely in English – focused on a user-centred approach, and the development of service ideas from contextual research to prototyping.

I focussed my lectures around the necessity to design to avoid exclusion and foster inclusivity. The first part of the course was meant to explore the meaning of inclusion and the business value of Inclusive Design. Mainly this class was focused on how to reduce physical-cognitive, cultural and economical friction during the design process, and how to use tools to reduce biases.

The second part was focus on team dynamics and the importance to behave as an “inclusive temporary community” to capitalize on the diversity of the project team, while in the last part some design tools has been be explained and practiced, all taken from my Inclusive Design toolkit.

The goal of the pill is to further explore the role of designers and their responsibilities, and to enable students to empathize with diversity through design tools and methodologies.

It was my first experience in giving remote lectures and running remote workshop with 24 students, from all around the world, 6 house per day.

Great learnings from this experience and from the students.

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