How to reframing SEO Concept as Social Engine Optimisation

Can search engines still be considered the only one way to get information in today’s Social Media Era? In my opinion the SEO as we know it, is no longer enough to optimize the findability of information in today’s the Social media Era. We therefore have to extend the concept of SEO further, to that of Social Engine Optimization (a.k.a +SEO). So in this scenario in not advisable to ignore the social dynamics when we create content that we wantRead more

Gamification: Using Gaming Techniques to improve your products and services

Using gaming techniques to make activities more engaging and fun. Think like a game designer is the first issue, considering players motivation, players journeys and game dynamics as well. Designing patterns in order to evoke players emotions in order to driver players action engagement. Designing for social actions is another big issue, considering social style of players. Gamification could be considered another way to develop you Product&Services design. More details about Gamification below listed 😉 Gamification Workshop 2010 View moreRead more

Everything is Social, also colours!

Everything is Social, also colours! who has not a favourite colour? who has not feelings related to some colors? there is a place where you can share all of this: last week I had a pleasure to analyze the “social design” of this product “Explore, create and Share color Themes”, this is the claim of Adobe Kuler. “the web-hosted application for generating color themes that can inspire any project. No matter what you’re creating, with Kuler you can experiment quickly withRead more

User Experience: pensieri a ruota libera #1

Cosa è la User Experience? La classica domanda che (forse fortunatamente) continuano a fare a tutti gli addetti ai lavori… Credo che sia qualcosa che abbia molto a che fare con la civiltà, con il rispetto delle persone e la loro considerazione, tenendo conto dei contesti, i bisogni e tanti altri fattori. Che vantaggi porta? Qualcuno può ancora permettersi di progettare qualcosa senza tener conto del contesto, degli utenti, dei bisogni? Quanto sarebbe competitivo? Si ma, il marketing, la comunicazione,Read more