Because transformation starts from the top!

Great work with my team: Because transformation starts from the top! We have changed the ways of collaborating with our client and ran through weeks of Workshops ending in a booklet that resumes all the hard work! Client very happy, team motivated, thank you all! #BusinessTransformation #ServiceDesign #StoryTelling #UserResearch more

Gamification: Using Gaming Techniques to improve your products and services

Using gaming techniques to make activities more engaging and fun. Think like a game designer is the first issue, considering players motivation, players journeys and game dynamics as well. Designing patterns in order to evoke players emotions in order to driver players action engagement. Designing for social actions is another big issue, considering social style of players. Gamification could be considered another way to develop you Product&Services design. More details about Gamification below listed 😉 Gamification Workshop 2010 View moreRead more