Health 2.0 Conference: Publicis Healthware International with is present in “Patients and Online Communities”

Health 2.0 conference: is present in “Patients and Online Communities“ Publicis Healthware International will be present at the Health 2.0 conference 2010, on 6th of April, in Paris. Roberto Ascione (Managing Director of Publicis Healthware International) will speak about , the first italian ehealth web portal. is considered an excellent sample of patients and physicians community where services and informations are available in order to accomplish their needs. Roberto personally will transmits feelings, news and more from the event, inRead more

e-health: Health 2.0 Announces Europe Conference in 2010

The Health 2.0 Conference is delighted to announce that it will be holding its first European conference in Paris on April 6-7, 2010. “Health 2.0 has featured dynamic speakers and cutting edge presentations from: WebMD, Google Health, Microsoft Health Vault, A.D.A.M., The Mayo Clinic, Aetna, BCBS, Safeway, Pfizer, Group Health, Healthwise, Health Evolution Partners, Clay Shirky, Pacific Business Group on Health, the Markle Foundation, and many more! To see these presentations and more, DVDs from 2007 and 2008 are available!”Read more

Medical web appliance: funzionerebbe anche tra i medici?

Un “portale” web attraverso il quale realizzare la collaboraizone profesisonale tra medici. Non è nuovo il concetto di web appliance, ovvero una suite di strumenti residenti sulla Rete, che permettono di collaborare tra profesisonisti, scambiarsi documenti ed informazioni. Dopo Google, anche Adobe ha  scommesso su questo approccio, registrando un boom di utenza totalizzando 5 milioni di registrazioni, con 100mila nuovi utenti ogni settimana. Questultimo esempio mette a disposizione per un canone annuo: un word preocessor; uno strumento di condivisione chermo, Read more

pHealth 2009

24 June 2009 – 26 June 2009 Oslo, Norway This event will bring together key players from all aspects of healthcare and technology to inform, discuss, debate, and learn about how personalized healthcare systems can help meet future healthcare needs. The workshop is a forum for presenting and discussing cutting edge technology for creating solutions for tomorrow’s personalised health systems. A call for papers, demos and posters has been launched (submission deadline: 6 March). Contact: See also: ICT forRead more

Call for Papers: eHealth and Beyond

1 aprile 2009 “The European Journal of ePractice invites contributions from both research and practice at the crossroads of public policy, patient management best practice and technology in the eHealth domain. Contributions may address current issues such as the interoperability of Electonic Health Record (EHR) systems or may look into medium and long term future hybrids of eHealth and other domains, and may include international case-studies. Also, we invite papers on technology trends and open standards, new service provision modelsRead more