Inclusive Design Course @Politecnico of Milan

A new adventure is just started. Here we go: Inclusive Design course @ Politecnico di Milano. This course will elaborate further the role of designers, their responsibilities and the importance to empathise with diversity to deliver solutions with high impact on people. It is a through different design methodologies (UCD, Universal Design, Design for All, Inclusive Design, design thinking), the aim of this course is to enhance the designer’s sensitiveness, to better inform everyday decisions and provide them with toolsRead more

Design behavioural change

Behavioural change, here we go! My team and I have been working on improving the timesheet completion percentage per week. Very hot topic in the company  😉 #behaviouralChange #intrinsicMotivation #gamification #design #services #serviceDesign #lotsOfFun #experiencemappingRead more

Lonely ChatBots

This is not another story to sell chatBots. This is not an article about Design Principles for ChatBots. This is not about selling the benefits of ChatBots. This is not to convince you that ChatBots can solve any problem. This is a call for collaboration: I want to design a ChatBot that takes care of all ChatBots. What happens when a ChatBot has no one to interact with? It would be great to have a friend to discuss with inRead more

How to reframing SEO Concept as Social Engine Optimisation

Can search engines still be considered the only one way to get information in today’s Social Media Era? In my opinion the SEO as we know it, is no longer enough to optimize the findability of information in today’s the Social media Era. We therefore have to extend the concept of SEO further, to that of Social Engine Optimization (a.k.a +SEO). So in this scenario in not advisable to ignore the social dynamics when we create content that we wantRead more