Lonely ChatBots

Lonely Robot
This is not another story to sell chatBots.
This is not an article about Design Principles for ChatBots.
This is not about selling the benefits of ChatBots.
This is not to convince you that ChatBots can solve any problem.

This is a call for collaboration:
I want to design a ChatBot that takes care of all ChatBots.

What happens when a ChatBot has no one to interact with?
It would be great to have a friend to discuss with in the spare time.
And what happens to the ChatBots that were so popular and now, nobody wants to talk to them anymore?
What happens to the ChatBots that are supposed to become rockstars but in reality they are deeply depressed.

It would be great to design a ChatBot to take care of lonely ChatBots, that are sitting alone in the Net, waiting for someone to interact with.
I think that most of them have incredible stories to share!
Others really want to talk to someone as they didn’t do it as frequently as they were supposed to.
Perhaps the ChatBot for lonely ChatBots might learn a lot from all the great stories.

People are simply generating millions of ChatBots without considering how they feel when they are alone.
I want to design just one to take care and to comfort all of them.
Even though I’m conscious that all the depressed ChatBots have no risk to be addicted to alcoholism or drugs, but I would love to not make them feel excluded.

So, before you start to design another ChatBot, please consider the opportunity to take care of the ones who are already out there, alone, on the Net.

Please Design ChatBots responsibly

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