5 things I have learned in Designing IoT based solutions for Healthcare

I have written an article about what I have learned in Designing for Healthcare.

I spent the last 6 years designing for healthcare and I think that it was a ‘privileged observatory’ for innovation.

Just consider how Healthcare has been changing during the last five years by the disruptive impact of robotics, IoT, biotechnology and other innovations. Even the way to innovate in healthcare is changing. Most of the time the protagonists of the innovation are not big Pharmaceuticals but companies like Google who is working on a cure for cancer or 23&Me who is going to ‘invent’ drugs based on user data.

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5 things I have learned designing Behavioral Change Products for Healthcare supported by IoT and AI

The Healthcare has been changing in terms of tools, places, points of reference, actors and mainly the relation between healthcare and people.
Smart object and wearable technology are reshaping the relation between people and healthcare/wellness.

As designer we have a fantastic opportunity to play around each every-day object to let it be part of the solution.

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