‘Atomize’ your content: IKEA & ‘True Blue’ collection campaign

+SEO rules are:

  • Atomize
  • Think Liquid
  • Motivate

IKEA is following +SEO strategy by ‘Atomizing’ the content of  ‘True Blue’ micro site.

'True Blue' collection - IKEA micrositeA button on the microsite will direct traffic to a showcase of the collection on the Pinterest social network, while visitors will also be asked to share the offers on Ikea’s Facebook page, which will have a blue takeover to mark the collection.

True Blue IKEA Family - Pinterest

The results is: a ‘liquid‘ experience of content.Each “atom” is a Social Content Item able to be aggregated in a “place” . In the same time any Social Content Items is able to be re-aggregated in another place, by using social interactions.

That’s why +SEO is a way of designing contents and interactions in order to be easily reachable along different “places”.

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